Organization is one of the key if you want to complete you project successfully. It doesn’t matter if you adopt PMP methodology, PRINCE 2 or any other or even any official one. More important thing is how do you organize you project.

Our customers usually ask us: How do you organize your projects? Which tools do you use? I don’t have any general answer. It all depends project to project, organization to organization. Most of corporations use Microsoft products – Sharepoint for cooperation; Excel/Access for analyses; Word for documents; PowerPoint for presentations. It has no sense to force them start using new tools.

When you work for a startup, it usually depends on phase of maturity. Startups that are in initial phases tries to save every dollar. They usually have Office suite or any of open-source suites. We don’t have any problem to prepare project plans in Excel/PowerPoint or Google Docs. There are also manager which prefers project plan in excel sheets and those which prefers colors and shapes that could be done in PowerPoint. Startups in advanced stages sometimes use fancy tools like Smartsheet or Prezi. We are not against new technologies and tools. If it does not take much time for us to adopt new tools, we are ok with that. It’s all about agreement between us and customer.


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